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Strolling Magic

Let’s Get This Party Started: The beginning of the reception can often feel like down-time. The guests are there and everyone has a drink - but the band hasn’t started, and the wedding party may still be taking pictures or in the receiving line. Joshua mingles with the crowd, sharing magic up close and personal; entertaining everyone and making sure the celebration gets off to a great start! Soon, your out-of-town relatives and your college roommates are experiencing the magic side by side, laughing and talking together as Joshua moves on to the next group.

Following the meal, as the party gets rolling, Joshua is often asked to continue mingling, so that guests who don’t want to dance, or table-mates who don’t know each other still get great entertainment. Joshua’s style of close-up magic always compliments, and never competes with, other entertainment, such as a band or DJ.

Wedding Magic


Josh, I just wanted to say thank you again for providing your wonderful talent to our party. Our friends just loved you! YOU made our life MAGIC on Saturday and we thank you!!!

— All my best, Kris Snyder

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